Georgia Deposits

Provider Rate
Liberty Bank 2 Year Term Deposit

Rates applicable to a term deposit with a term of 24 months/ 2 year with monthly interest payments.

2 year
Feb 2018


  • Q: hi.I am a citizen of Azerbaijan.I want to put a deposit.Is that possible?

    Reply yusif from Azerbaijan
    • R: Yes, just bring your passport.

      Reply Andrew
  • Q: Which is the nationalised bank giving the best interest for long term fixed deposits? Can the interest and money be withdrawn without paying tax?

    Reply Varghese from Oman
  • Q: Dear Sir / Madam , I am living in Hungary and I would like to ask what is the process to open deposits at the Liberty Bank . Do I need to visit there to open or you have ready other option . Also , can you tell me please what is the current Capital gain tax to pay for non residents ?? Kind regards Sandor Boros

    Reply Sandor from United Kingdom
    • R: Good luck with Liberty Bank, especially as a foreigner. They are the bank that services pensioners; they won't understand why you want to open an account and are likely to deny you. Find any other bank in Georgia.

      Reply Andrew
  • Q: How can I deposited money in libertybank in Georgia from Oman?

    Reply Sampaje from Oman
    • R: I would avoid Liberty Bank. They are designed for pensioners, not serious depositors.

      Reply Andrew