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Georgia Banks

Provider Branch Founded Ownership
Bank of Georgia Bank Of Georgia 164 1994 Local
ProCredit Bank Georgia ProCredit Bank Georgia 48 1999 Foreign
Bank Republic Georgia Bank Republic Georgia 40 1991 Foreign
Basisbank Basisbank 17 1993 Foreign
Liberty Bank Liberty Bank 2002 Local

Georgia Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: Which is the nationalised bank giving the best interest for long term fixed deposits? Can the interest and money be withdrawn without paying tax?

    Reply Varghese from Oman
  • Deposits
    Q: Dear Sir / Madam , I am living in Hungary and I would like to ask what is the process to open deposits at the Liberty Bank . Do I need to visit there to open or you have ready other option . Also , can you tell me please what is the current Capital gain tax to pay for non residents ?? Kind regards Sandor Boros

    Reply Sandor from United Kingdom
    • R: Good luck with Liberty Bank, especially as a foreigner. They are the bank that services pensioners; they won't understand why you want to open an account and are likely to deny you. Find any other bank in Georgia.

      Reply Andrew
  • Deposits
    Q: How can I deposited money in libertybank in Georgia from Oman?

    Reply Sampaje from Oman
    • R: I would avoid Liberty Bank. They are designed for pensioners, not serious depositors.

      Reply Andrew
  • ProCredit Bank Georgia
    Q: Greetings I wanted to find out about the bank in Ukraine. Did you know that they are difficult or proceedings against the bank began closing? Why that located in Georgia does not appear under the category of the State of Georgia, wanted to see more about them through your website. Sincerely Michaeli Eli

    Reply Eli from Israel